Green Inbox Beta

100% Success Guaranteed * under 4 basic terms
Marketing platform for crowdfunding, events, pages, and more

Partner Program for Kickstarters and Indiegogos.
Pay 35% of what we raise once campaign is over.

Main advantages of this program:

- You only pay 35% of what we bring-in. You don't pay (%) on funds we didn't bring-in. see example.
- This is not an exclusive contract. You can work with other marketing entities or cancel anytime.
- Small setup fee.

Example: Kickstarter Referral Table.
The campaigner pays 35% only on the records marked in yellow.

Terms & Conditions


1. The terms in this page reflects the agreement between (A) Green Inbox (i.e. marketing services) and the (B) client, which is the official representative of the crowdfunding campaign (i.e. the "campaigner")

2. Green Inbox will market the campaign (Kickstarter, Indiegogo or other) on behalf of the campaigner, and in return will receive 35% of funds raised through Green Inbox.
Note: only funds related to Green Inbox are taken into account.


3. IP: Green Inbox can use the client's intellectual property (logo, slogan, brand name, etc.) for promotional and marketing purposes and act behalf of the client (example: publish ads, PR, serial backers, etc.).

4. Data: Green Inbox can view and use all campaign-related data such as referrers, backer report, and Google analytics etc. during and after the campaign.

Termination & Exclusive

5. Both parties may terminate this agreement via email. In this case, Green Inbox will stop all marketing efforts within 2 business days. Campaigner is still obligated to the Payment (section 7) and Permissions (section 4).

6. This is not an exclusive contract. The campaigner can work with other marketing entities as long as this contract is held.


7. The campaigner agrees to pay 35% of the funds raised (by and with the help of Green Inbox).
Note: if the values on the campaign dashboard differ from Google Analytics, the higher value, per each referral source, will be used.

Setup Fee

8. A small setup fee of $100 will be paid by the campaigner upfront (non refundable and not related to section 7).
Note: This fee applies to kickstarter campaigns that reached 200 backers. Otherwise, setup fee can be higher. Feel free to reach out and ask a quote: partners [at]

How do I join the program? Do I Qualify?

9. Please contact us by email so we can check if you qualify to join the program.
Please also include a link to your campaign in the email so we can review this.
You can contact us by using the email: partners [at]

End of Terms & Conditions

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Frequently asked questions

How can we track the funds raised through Green Inbox?
Green Inbox will use dedicated referral URLs so the campaigner can track the funds through the campaign dashboard. The campaigner pays commission only on the funds raised through Green Inbox (needless to say, campaigner does not pay commission on the rest of the funds).

What channels are you using to market the campaign?
Green Inbox offers the following marketing channels:
- Facebook ads
- Press coverage
- Emails to opt-in serial backers
- Cross promotion
- Inbound marketing
- Lead generation
- Other

Who pays for the facebook ads?
Green Inbox pays for the facebook ads and any other costs involved.

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